About Us

“Automated machine intelligence is becoming a commodity. In the future, businesses that don't use ML will be akin to modern businesses that are not using the Internet.”

- Praven Damacharla | CTO and Co-Founder of KineticAI

Who we are

We are a team of technologists who specialize in providing technology solutions. Our team has over 10 years of applied research experience through government and industrial grants. Our experience, coupled with highly trained and competent personnel, mean that our company can effectively provide solutions that will help  scale your business.


Our guiding philosophy is simple. Constantly improve, create quantifiable goals and surpass them, treat everyone with respect, quitting is for quitters, and always hold true to the company’s philosophy.

We believe that humans and technology will continue to coexist and coevolve. An important aspect of our coevolution is artificial intelligence and robotics. We want to make the integration of these solutions as easy and accessible as possible. The ease of use and affordability of technology will open a whole new world to people everywhere. We want to be part of this paradigm by providing the tools that will be used to build such a future.

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